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Commercial Demolition Contractors

When damage has occurred to part of or all of your building, demolition may be necessary to re-create a safe environment for you and your residents. Demolition does not necessarily mean tearing down your entire structure. We are one of the country’s most renowned commercial demolition companies due to our technical excellence and ability to handle any size loss. Our team of professionals can assist you in assessing which parts of your building need to be taken down. Our goal is your safety and accuracy with our services. We ensure the clean-up of dust and the protection of tenants in other parts of your building or surrounding areas. We also aim to ease the stress of a demolition project, doing our best not to create unnecessary distractions for you and your residents. We have over 75 years of experience in the industry and currently hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, showcasing our dedication to our craft. We are a team of professional demolition experts at your disposal.


Commercial Demolition Services in Stuart, FL

What are Commercial Demolition Services?

There are multiple types of demolition services. We offer total, selective, and interior demolition along with deconstruction. Each service is determined by the necessity of your service and the scope of damage done to your building, which our experts will assess with you.

  • Total Commercial Demolition: The most extreme of our services, complete demolition is recommended when the building is no longer habitable or a different purpose for the property is needed.
  • Selective Commercial Demolition: If the damage to your building is located in a specific area, we might recommend particular demolition services. This includes identifying the problem areas and accurately taking down only necessary portions.
  • Interior Commercial Demolition: Your building’s exterior may fit your needs, but we offer interior demolition services if the interior doesn’t match up. This requires removing internal walls or structures that no longer serve you while preserving your building’s exterior. This is especially helpful in cases of historical architecture.
  • Commercial Deconstruction Services: This service highlights the preservation of your building’s pieces to reuse later. This option may be for you if you consider rebuilding your structure with a lower commercial demolition cost.




Commercial Demolition Services in Stuart, FL

How Much Does Commercial Demolition Cost?

The average cost for commercial demolition is between $4 to $8 per square foot. We offer competitive prices for much more than just demolition. Along with those prices, we offer 24-7 customer and emergency services. Our team is ready to work with you on estimates for your demolition needs. Pricing depends on the project’s scope and the projected timeline of our work. We always communicate clearly with you before the beginning of your project to ensure total understanding between both parties.

What About the Mess Afterwards?

Our mission is to leave you satisfied with our services. Our team of professionals will do any clean-up that needs to be taken care of. We pride ourselves on minimizing trash, dust, and other remaining debris surrounding the project. You can sit back and rest easy knowing that we stay dedicated to our projects from start to finish—including any clean-up necessary.  

Who Can Provide Commercial Demolition?

You must hire professionals to conduct your demolition services. We are licensed and insured commercial demolition contractors, and our technicians are certified and highly trained in their fields. We are a state-certified and registered general contracting company, providing you with the highest quality services and faith in our abilities.


Contact Coastal DKI Today

If your structure has faced significant damage, there is no time to wait. Water, fire, or mold damage can progress quickly through a building and significantly impact your health or the health of your residents. Contact Coastal DKI for an estimate, and let’s get to work to get you back to your life.

At Coastal DKI, our specialty is 24/7 emergency mitigation service in response to properties damaged by water, fire or other destructive forces in Florida.